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Passage - Biometric authentication at your fingertips. | Product Hunt

Biometric authentication
made simple

Fully passwordless authentication to reduce friction for your users and provide best-in-class security.

Why Passage

A developer-first approach to modern authentication

Easy Implementation

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tech stacks: React, Vue, Angular, Rails, Django or just about anything else.

Works Everywhere

A native login experience tailored for every user, on every device.

Frictionless Login

Users quickly log in with the biometrics native to their device. Passage defaults to magic links when biometrics aren’t possible.

Extra Security

Two-factor authentication, but in a single step. We’ll handle security; you build something awesome.

Plug and play authentication

We’re a company of developers, and we built the authentication platform of our dreams. Passage gives you everything you need to build a high-quality authentication experience, so you can focus on your next big feature.

Easy to implement

How it works

Add the Passage Element to your frontend

Elements are designed to work with any frontend framework and look great for every user on every device.

Authorize requests with a Passage library

We provide libraries to make it easy to check session tokens and identify which users are making requests.

Give your users a modern authentication experience

Why spend weeks on what could take just a few minutes? Let us take care of the heavy lifting.

A faster sign in

User Experience

Traditional passwords are a barrier for users. With Passage, they log in with just a quick glance or touch. That means more sign ups, higher conversion rates and happier customers.