Biometric user authentication
built for developers

Fully passwordless authentication to reduce friction for your users and provide best-in-class security.

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The Passage Console with information about user authentication.
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With all the features you need

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Easy Implementation

Seamlessly integrate with your favorite tech stack.

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Works Everywhere

A login experience tailored for whatever device, browser, or OS your users are using.

Frictionless Login

Users quickly login to with Touch ID, Windows Hello, etc. Passage falls back to magic links when biometrics aren't possible.

Extra Security

Two-factor authentication with a single step. We'll handle security; you build something awesome.

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Developers. Always.

We built the authentication platform we wished we had. Passage gives you everything you need to build the best authentication experience your users have ever seen with the fewest story points you can imagine.


How it works


Add Passage Element to your frontend

Elements are designed to work with any frontend framework and look great for every user on every device.


Authorize requests with a Passage SDK

We provide SDKs to make it easy to check session tokens and identify which users are making requests.


That's all!

Why spend weeks on what could take minutes? At least that's what we always say.

User Experience

With Passage, users sign in using the biometrics already built into their devices (e.g. Touch ID, Windows Hello, etc). When biometrics aren't available, Passage falls back to magic links to keep friction low and conversion rates high. No apps or extensions required. All native, and all in the spirit of simplicity.

Works with native biometrics
Low user friction, high conversion rates
No apps or extensions

See Passage in action

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