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Device-Native Authentication

Harness the power of device-native authentication

Increase signups and conversions by having your users register and login in seconds. Provide a great user experience using FaceID, TouchID, Windows Hello, the Android fingerprint reader, or other platform authenticators.
A variety of devices with a variety of biometric verification services
Various logos such as Apple, Microsoft, Linux and Android

Built with every user in mind

Passage automatically prompts the user to log in with the same device-native authentication that they use to unlock their device everyday. Passage does the hard work of detecting what authentication methods are possible and only shows the user an authentication prompt that is relevant to their device.

No device-native capabilities? No problem

Passage will seamlessly fall back to a text or email link whenever device-native authentication isn’t possible. If users click the link on a device with biometrics, Passage will offer to trust those biometrics for future logins.

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